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Fast, Consistent, & Quality Repairs.

iCrack has been servicing schools since long time, we have specialized in the repair of iPads, iPods, and iPhones. We currently servicing schools in London, and are a locally owned and operated tech company based in Essex. All of our repairs have a Lifetime warranty, fast turnaround times, easy billing terms, free shipping and the experienced back by a company that does 20,000 Plus iPad, iPhone and iPod repairs per year.

Repairing with iCrack

We’ve been doing this a long time. We were one of the first repair store in Essex to specialize in iPhones, iPads and iPods. We have all the repair tips, tricks and skills to ensure the best quality repair every time. We’ve worked with 3M to custom make adhesive to ensure those iPad screens never lift after repair. Our relationships with vendor stretch years and have the best and highest quality screens that are always clean and rarely defective. When your school’s devices break, it’ll be fixed right the first time when you choose iCrack.

Why you want to leave current repair shop

  • Quality: Too many reworks.
  • iPads: Always lifting, loose home buttons and dirty screens.
  • Time: Too slow, they say it’ll be done in days, but it’s weeks.
  • Communication: You always have to follow-up on the status.

Reasons to Repair with iCrack

At iCrack we are dedicated to finding solutions to everyday education technology problems. Our drive is to provide our educators with cost effective results for each district.

Request a Free Repair

Find out more about our education opportunities. The first repair for new schools is free. You can also call us at 020 7998 9338.

iCrack For Business

Less Hassle. More Doing.
Smart tech repairs to keep your enterprise running.

Real Tech Support.

We run a business too, we know what it’s like to need support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated. All of our staff has customer service training and technical repair experience, you won’t be bounced around extensions just to find one person to figure out your repair question.

Why iCrack?

At iCrack we are dedicated to finding solutions to everyday technology problems. Our drive is to provide our business customers with cost effective results.

Perk Highlights

iPhones, iPads and iPods are not cheap to repair and the costs can add up quickly on technology. Help employees stretch their paycheck and reward them where it matters most.

  • NO FEE: No additional fees to sign up your company.
  • NO CONTRACTS: No minimums or requirements, just save.
  • DISCOUNT CODES: Simple easy to use discount code.
  • DEVICES: Discounts on Certified-Pre Owned iPhones.
  • ACCESSORIES: Protective Cases, Screen Protectors & Cables

Lets Connect

Find out more about our business to business and education opportunities. You can also call us at 020 7998 9338.

Speedy Apple Repairs While-U-Wait With iCrack

If you’re on the lookout for a top-quality iPhone 8 repair, an iPod Touch repair or even an iPad repair, then you need look no further than iCrack on Cranbrook Road in Ilford. Providing the very best tech repair services in the London area for those in need of a tech repair in a hurry, we have the expertise and technical know-how to get your device fixed fast!

On average, we fix iPhones, iPads and iPods in around 30 minutes, meaning that you can have your device repaired while you wait. What’s more, we’re just a short 4-minute walk from Ilford train station, so you needn’t be left without access to your device’s functions for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

An iPhone Repair You Can Trust

When you part with your hard-earned cash for any reason, you need to know that it’s well-spent and with iCrack Apple repairs, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best service. On top of the fact that our iPhone repair team is highly experienced, we only use the very best parts, so you’re guaranteed of an iPhone repair you can trust.

We understand that words are cheap, which is why we back our iPhone repairs up with a full 12-month warranty. When we repair an iPod, iPhone or iPad, we expect it to stay fixed, so if your repair malfunctions within a year, you can get it repaired completely free of charge!

Affordably Priced Apple Repairs

You might expect the convenient repairs we offer to come at a premium, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Our iPad, iPod and iPhone repairs are amongst the most competitive on the market and won’t leave a massive dent in your finances. Add to this the fact that we also offer a call-out and a mail-in repair service and you soon see why our customers come back to us time and time again.

We’re also flexible with how we accept payment for the Apple repairs that we provide, as we take either cash, debit card or credit cards upon completion of your repair.

Come and Try the iCrack Repair Experience

So, if you find yourself with a broken iPod, iPad or iPhone and you’re not sure which way to turn, we encourage you to come and try the iCrack Apple repair experience for yourself. We’re sure that once you’ve seen just how quick, affordable and convenient our services are, you’ll know straight away that you made the right choice.

For information about anything discussed here or to see the full range of tech repairs that we offer, head over to our website www.icrack.co.uk and take a look around. If after browsing our site, you have a question or you two you’d like answering, give us a call on 020 7998 9338 and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist.

Thanks for reading our blog. We hope that it has illustrated that there is an affordable alternative to slow, unreliable Apple repairs. Until next time!

Need a Quality iPad Repair? Speak to the iCrack Experts Now!

There are iPad users all around the country who can attest to the fact that owning one of these high-tech bits of kit makes web-browsing, game playing online shopping an easy and fun experience. They’ll also attest to the fact that when they go wrong, getting a quality iPad repair can be a hit and miss, depending on which Apple repair specialist you use.

When it comes to iPad Air repairs, iPad Mini repairs and standard iPad repairs, there is no better place to get yours than with iCrack. That’s because, in addition to having years of experience in Apple repairs and more than 750,000 satisfied customers to date, iCrack offers iPad repairs that are not only kind to the wallet, but that are also covered by a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Fully trained, Repair Specialists

It really doesn’t matter which type of iPad you need repairing, as our engineers are fully trained and highly experienced in repairs to all types of smart device. Whether you’re in need of an iPad Air 2 repair, an iPad Mini 3 repair or an iPad 6 repair, we have the expertise and know-how to get your device fixed with the minimum of fuss and at the lowest possible cost.

We’re able to offer a 12-month warranty on the iPad repairs that we provide for two reasons. The first is that we only use the highest quality parts, as a repair is only as good as the hardware that’s used to carry it out. The second is that there aren’t many types of repair that our experts haven’t seen before, meaning that if anyone can fix it, they can!

Flexible iPad Repairs

We completely understand just how busy people’s lives are these days, which is why we offer iPad repair options to fit around your lifestyle. We offer a drop-in service to our shop on Cranbrook Drive in Ilford, a mail-in service that gets your iPad repair completed and returned to you within around 3-4 days or our call-out service where we come to you the same day for that extra bit of convenience.

Whatever your circumstances, we have an iPad repair option to suit your needs!

It’s What Sets Us Apart from the Competition

We know that the iPad, iPhone and iPod repairs that we carry out at iCrack are the best available and the customer service we offer is second to none. So, if you’d like to come and experience what sets us apart from the competition, we recommend that you give us a try.

If you’d like to learn more about the tech repair services we offer, take a browse around our website www.icrack.co.uk and you’ll discover everything you need to know and more. Alternatively, if it’s advice you’re after, call us on 020 7998 9338 and we’ll do everything we can to assist.

There are 1,001 choices out there online for device repair. Whomever you go to, make sure you choose a reputable company like ours for your repair or you could end up counting the cost.


iCrack has something for everybody. Whether you have the latest model iPhone, or the first of the Galaxy series, we have the accessories you need to protect your device.

iCrack carries the largest selection of mobile accessories including cases, chargers, screen protectors and batteries. Our vast selection of cases include popular brands like OtterBox and Lifeproof. We also carry headphones, car mounts, and Bluetooth accessories. We’re the one-stop-shop for device protection and customization.

Shop through our store during your next repair visit to make sure you don’t leave with your device unprotected!

Broken iPad Repair Service

We offer iPad repair services in London, Essex, Kent, and Surrey.

Are You Having Issues With Your Tablet?

If you’re experiencing problems with your iPad, bring it to iCrack in Ilford, Essex right away. Our technicians provide fast and affordable iPad repair and Android tablet repair services. We’ll assess your tablet, diagnosis the problem and resolve any issues in a timely manner.

Schedule an appointment with us right now by calling 020 7998 9338.

Let us take care of your broken Apple iPad

Stop by our store in Ilford if you need prompt and reliable iPad repair or Android tablet repair services. Our expert technicians can resolve a wide range of tablet problems, including:

  • Cracked screens
  • Unreliable charging ports
  • Soft or scratchy speakers
  • Unresponsive power buttons
  • Scratched or broken cameras

We’ll have your device back in optimal condition as quickly as possible.

Make a repair appointment at our Ilford repair shop now. We also serve the Essex, Kent and Surrey areas.

Broken iPhone Repair Service

Cracked Screen? Dead Battery? Unresponsive Camera?

Whether you dropped your iPhone on the pavement without its case or you’re experiencing some issues after downloading the latest iOS update, you most likely want to repair your device right away. Make your way to iCrack in Ilford, East London for fast iPhone repair services. You can depend on us to repair any type of iPhone damage quickly and carefully so that you can get back to life as usual.

Don’t want to pay full price for your next iPhone? You can find a wide range of pre-owned iPhones in our store along with any iPhone accessories you could need. If you want to trade in an old phone for some extra cash, bring your device by our shop. We’ll buy it from you as long as it’s an iPhone 6 or newer.

Resolve your iPhone damage, sell an old phone or find an affordable new phone today. Learn more about our services by calling us on 020 7998 9338. We also serve the Essex, Kent and Surrey areas.

Visit us for comprehensive iPhone repair services

No matter the type of iPhone damage, you can rely on the experts at iCrack to repair your device quickly. Our iPhone services include:

  • Camera repair
  • Screen replacement
  • Charging port repair
  • Battery repair and replacement
  • Water damage treatment

You’ll have a working iPhone in no time at all. Visit our Online Appointment page to set up an iPhone repair appointment today.

Don’t Let iPhone Repair Break the Bank

Trust the experts at iCrack with your electronic devices

We offer affordable services at our Tech Repair shop in Ilford, Essex

If you’re searching for an iPhone repair shop in London, look no further than iCrack. Come to us for all of your small electronic repair needs because:

  • We’re committed to providing superior customer service.
  • We offer iPhone, tablet and Android services at affordable rates.
  • We use high-quality parts to repair all types of electronic devices.

Experiencing Problems With Your iDevice?

Stop by our repair shop in Ilford, Greater London

Did you crack your iPhone screen? Does your iPad power down unexpectantly? Has your gaming console’s cooling fan stopped working? Whatever problem you may be facing, iCrack has the solution. We’re an iPhone repair shop and electronic repair shop located in Ilford, East London. We also serve the Essex and Surrey areas.

Our team can complete repair work on a variety of small electronics, including:

  • iPhones
  • Androids
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Gaming consoles

You can trust us to have your electronic device up and running again quickly. Set up an appointment with us today by calling 020 7998 9338.

iCrack – Offering Warrantied Apple Repairs that You Can Trust

Anyone who’s ever owned an iPhone, iPod or iPad will know two things. The first is that Apple tech comes at a premium price and second is that it’s expensive for a reason – as they’re powerful, intuitive bits of kit that offer all sorts of innovative features. So, when your Apple tech goes wrong or gets damaged, you need to know that the warrantied Apple repair specialist you’re using is one you can trust.

iCrack Expertise

At iCrack, we are an Apple repair company with a wealth of experience in warrantied iPhone repairs, iPod repairs and iPad repairs. To date, we’ve helped many customers to restore the Apple devices and satisfied customers back to health and each one of the Apple repairs we carry out is covered by a comprehensive lifetime warranty!

What Does Comprehensive Warranty Really Mean?

Well, each and every Apple repair that iCrack carries out is covered by a lifetime warranty and by that we mean that all the parts used are covered for life, so if they malfunction in the future and you’re still the owner of the device, then you’ll get it re-repaired for free. The only time this wouldn’t be the case would be if:

  • You were no longer the owner of the device
  • Any damage was caused by the user (including liquid damage)
  • Any other improper Apple repair was carried out by someone other than iCrack
  • The fault related to the battery (as a 12-month warranty applies)

Your iCrack lifetime warrantied repair basically means that if you don’t damage it yourself or get another repair done by someone else, your repair is covered for the time you own the handset. It’s the kind of peace of mind you need when entrusting your precious Apple products to any repair company.

Quality Parts

The reason why we can offer such a comprehensive warranty on our Apple repairs is that we use quality parts. Any repair carried out on any device is only as good as the parts used to complete it and at iCrack, we use only the very best. Our Apple repair engineers really know their stuff too, so when you combine these two things together, it’s not hard to see why the services we offer are so effective and so popular.

Try the iCrack Difference

So, if you’re in need of a high-quality iPod repair, iPad repair or iPhone repair, why not try out the iCrack difference for yourself? We offer a mail-in service, a drop-in service and a call-out service, meaning that wherever you are, we have an option to suit your needs. If you’re still undecided and what to know what makes iCrack different from the rest, visit us online at www.icrack.co.uk and take a look around. Alternatively, if you want to speak to our highly-experienced Apple repair team, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll do our very best to get back to you as soon as we can.