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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you partners with Apple?

Do you use Apple parts?

Some other repair shops are cheaper. Why shouldn’t I use them?

Will I still be charged if you don’t fix my device?

If I use iCrack will this void my Manufacturer’s warranty?

What should I do before handing over my device?

Can you repair my device without your password?

Do you need my contact details?

Can you repair devices from manufactures other than Samsung and Apple?

My device needs to be reset to factory settings (DFU restore) – can I avoid losing all my data?

Can you fix touch ID on a home button?

Will my phone stay waterproof after repair ?

Are you able to repair devices that have suffered from water damage?

Do you delete data from the device when you repair it ?

How long does a repair take?

Does my phone come with warranty?

How does the walk-in service work?

Do you do home or office visits ?

Can you fix a device which has previously been fixed by somebody else?

Can you fix the device using parts that I provide?

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